• Title: Job Hunting Sensation (就活センセーション)
  • Artist: Camellia Factory
  • Runtime: 4:36   Language: Japanese
  • Date: July 29, 2017

JOB HUNTING SENSATION (就活センセーション) is one of the track in CAMELLIA FACTORY’s latest record single. It deals with the theme of college graduates’ job hunting season, a phase of a young person’s life that is given great importance in the work-oriented culture of Japanese society.

The song takes a novel and brave yet measured approach in viewing the issues of a student’s transition from college life to the workforce, from childhood to full legal adulthood after graduation. Instead of solely speaking of a student’s personal dreams and making a radical suggestion to pursue that above all else, the song takes a very rational position, calling on students to be willing to give their all in their professional lives, but also reminding them that giving up on their dreams is also uncool. Yet, it once again makes the qualifier that adulthood involves sacrifices in leisure etc that a person is expected to make, and failing to do so is a sign of an inability for the student to grow up.

This is a well-positioned intermediate stance that ultimately calls on students to find a balance between their professional duties and their personal desires, while holding onto their dreams, to also be willing to take the working world as a learning experience in which they can “flourish” under the guidance of their employer organization.

On a visual level, with the use of uniform corporate attire, the video captures the sense that the new recruits must leave behind some level of their individuality to become part of the collective while at work, but to also be able to keep their lives vibrant and “sensational” when their work is complete, as can be seen from the dance shots outdoors.

In the end, the song as a whole is about telling students to negotiate a mediating space between their individual personality while also being open to becoming part of something larger than themselves in the company, and from there, in the economy and nation, a lesson all viewers should take to heart.

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