• Title: Let's Say
  • Artist: Charmaine Fong
  • Runtime: 4:30   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: July 11, 2017

Life is full of uncertainties and challenges. When you are facing an intersection, are you willing to take the control and play your own marvelousness? After listening to Charmaine Fong's (方皓玟) newest single "Let's Say", you may be able to make up your mind.

Composed and written by Charmaine, "Let's Say" used "buying an apartment" as the example to exhibit people's attitude towards life nowadays. While being an owner of an apartment is the goal for many people in the workforce, they became slaves to work in the process of getting there. What worse is that a lot of them didn't even know why they have to own an apartment; they were doing it just because everyone else was doing the same thing.

The music video echoed the lyrics using a group of office workers who were on their ways working for owning the apartments. They appear like pieces of wood, with sluggish gaze, poker faces, and robotic movements. They acted like zombies and lost the meaning of being a human. Fortunately, there're scenes showing people walking and cars going reversed, perhaps the clock reversed, so others still got to choose again. This time, work is not everything and owning the apartment is not the only goal. They can live the way they wanted and be more active and energetic, and happier. But unfortunately the group of office workers still need to fight with others for their goal to be an owner of a property.

As sing in the song, enjoying life starts with taking control of the important moments and embracing what are in front of you. Love and emotion can enable many possibilities and you don't need to worry too much. You may not be the champion all the time, but if you can always snuggle the one most important to your life, you have a successful and splendid life. All you need to do to make that change, is to say it now.

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