• Bio
  • chay (チャイ)
  • Real name: Mai Nagatani (永谷 真絵).
  • Born on October 23rd, 1990 (Libra) in Tokyo.
  • Singer-songwriter, fashion model
  • chay began to seriously pursue music while she was in University. Her debut CD with Warner Music Japan Inc. was released in 2012. Between 2013 and 2014, she appeared in the TV reality show "Terrace House." She also works as a model for the fashion magazine "CanCam."
  • Genre: pop.
  • Record Label: Warner Music Japan Inc.
  • Albums: Heartcouture
  • Popular Songs: "Hajimete no Kimochi," "Twinkle Days," "Anata ni Koi o Shitemimashita."
  • chay's song "Hajimete no Kimochi" was used in commercials for Lotte Ghana milk chocolate, "Twinkle Days" was used in Pantene commercials, and "Anata ni Koi o Shitemimashita" was used as the theme song for the TV drama series "Dates ~Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira~."
  • Videos
"Manatsu no Wakusei" is part of chay's newest album, chayTEA. This song is a celebration of the excitement,...
  • Albums
  • chayTEA
  • Album  ·  June 14, 2017
  1. Koi no Hajimari wa Itsumo Totsuzen ni (恋のはじまりはいつも突然に)
  2. Manatsu no Wakusei (真夏の惑星)
  3. Sore de Shiawase (それでしあわせ)
  4. 12-gatsu no Ame (12月の雨)
  5. Be OK!
  6. Koi wa Aventure (恋はアバンチュール)
  7. Unmei no I Love You (運命のアイラブユー)
  8. Suki de Suki de Suki sugite (好きで好きで好きすぎて)
  9. Kiss me
  10. Egao no Gradation (笑顔のグラデーション)
  11. Don’t Let Me Down
  12. You
  13. Kekkon Shiyou yo (結婚しようよ)
  14. Anata ni Koi o Shitemimashita (あなたに恋をしてみました) (Wedding ver.)
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