• Bio
  • Claire Kuo - Kuo Ching (郭静)
  • Born on August 5, 1980 in Taiwan (Leo)
  • Taiwanese Mandopop singer
  • Debut in 2007, releasing her first album “I Don’t Want to Forget You” (我不想忘记你), after singing in Taiwanese television programs
  • Record Label: Linfair Records (2007-present)
  • Popular Songs: I Am Moving On (該忘的日子), Breaking Up For Now (分手看看), The Very Last Day (分手的第-1天)
  • Albums: Until We Meet (豔遇), Keep Loving (我們都能幸福), Another She (陪著我的時候想著她), The Next Morning (下一個天亮)
  • Awards: Best newcomer in Sprite Music Chart and Beijing Pop Music Awards, Best ballad singer and Popular singer in HITO Music Awards
  • Videos
Forgetting to forget about you, because there is still a tinge of hope, a ray of light, that we might get together...
  • Albums
  • Loved (我們曾相愛)
  • Album  ·  December 22, 2016
  1. Loved (我們曾相愛)
  2. Don't Make Me Cry (别惹哭我)
  3. No Matter What (傻傻愛著你)
  4. I Am Moving On (該忘的日子)
  5. Take A Breath (深呼吸)
  6. Breaking up for now (分手看看)
  7. Leave Me Hanging (消耗寂寞)
  8. After the Love Has Gone (分開不是誰不好)
  9. Partners (拍檔)
  10. You are my Mr. Right (最美的等候)
  11. How to forget (忘了如何遺忘)
  12. I Love Me (遇見新的我)
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