• Title: How To Forget (忘了如何遺忘)
  • Artist: Claire Kuo
  • Runtime: 3:47   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: February 12, 2017

Forgetting to forget about you, because there is still a tinge of hope, a ray of light, that we might get together again.

Claire Kuo's new album "Loved" (我們曾相愛), features a song "How To Forget" (忘了如何遺忘), which expresses the pain and reluctance of a woman to move on from a ended relationship. The song, written by Huang Ting (黄婷) and Ling (零), and composed by Henry Jiang (姜海威), talks about a woman who is crazily missing her ex-boyfriend, refusing to move on, as she is still hoping that they can get together again, though she clearly knows that it's just her wishful thinking.

The music video displays Claire Kuo's great acting skills as she acted as the protagonist in the video. In the video, she seem to be living alone, doing household chores as usual, yet always reminded of her ex-boyfriend by the postcards and gifts she receives from him. However, Claire was then seen standing in the middle of wrapped furniture after crying uncontrollably, which signifies her decision to wrap up her previous relationship and move on. Therefore, video ended with her smile when she opens her postbox to receive a postcard again.

"How To Forget“ is the ending song for Taiwanese drama "Nie Xiaoqian" (聶小倩), as well as the opening song for Korean drama “Five Enough”.

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