• Title: Hobgloblin (도깨비)
  • Artist: CLC
  • Runtime: 3:36   Language: Korean
  • Date: January 29, 2017

Add an extra beat to your weekend with CLC’s song ‘Hobgoblin’. The South Korean girl group consisting of seven members recently released their 5th mini album titled ‘Crystyle’ with ‘Hobogoblin’ being the title song.

The song itself is about an individual trying to entice someone they like to be with them. The individual knows that they’re attractive and is waiting for the other party to make the first move. Emotions are heightened as the individual starts to worry because of the other party’s hesitation. CLC channels these emotions through their bold dance moves and eye popping choreography. CLC’s outfits are also more revealing to go along with the dramatized beat of this song that’s geared towards more of a hip-hop style. Their different vocal talents are also highlighted in the song from rap to soulful and the punch CLC needs to give to go along with the catchy beat.

The song ‘Hobgoblin’ takes CLC away from their usual innocent style that they’ve portrayed and fans would be pleased to see this new direction that CLC is taking. Only solidifying the fact that they’re a girl group that’s flexible with their styles and have no problem with change.

Watch CLC - Hobgoblin - Performance ver.
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