• Title: Dreams Come True (꿈꾸는 마음으로)
  • Artist: Cosmic Girls
  • Runtime: 4:22   Language: Korean
  • Date: March 12, 2018

Cosmic Girls (WJSN) returns with their latest track entitled “Dreams Come True” from their EP “Dream Your Dream”.

The girls own up to their fear of drifting apart from their special someone in the lyrics of “Dreams Come True”. There is a hint of doubt, but the attraction is so strong it’s almost miraculous, it ties them up together and grants all their hearts’ sincere desires. With mutual faith, they know they’ll be able to face whatever comes their way. How they’ll work through innumerable bounds within a world of false hopes and disappointments is a matter of optimism and strong determination. They’ll all furiously dream, firmly believe and hold on to each other’s conviction that they’ll be in each other’s arms in the end, with great confidence in its fulfillment till the very end.

Cosmic Girls’ fantasy-like music video allows viewers to see the beauty and magic of dreaming and believing in something that we deeply yearn within our hearts. The synchronized choreography and the girls’ sweet voices add to the surreal feel and over-all theme of the track and the video. Experience the dream for yourself, go watch and listen to Cosmic Girls’ “Dreams Come True”.

Watch WJSN - Dreams Come True - Dance Practice
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