• Title: Secret (비밀이야 )
  • Artist: Cosmic Girls
  • Runtime: 3:43   Language: Korean
  • Date: August 28, 2016

Enter an alternate universe with Cosmic Girls new song “Secret”. This South Korean - Chinese girl group comprising of thirteen members had debuted in February earlier this year and just recently released this new song.

The video itself has an ethereal like feel as it showcases the girls in an alternate universe as they portray goddess like characters or individuals with mystical powers. The melody of the song is very pleasing and easy for listeners to get hooked onto with the strong vocals of the individuals that make up Cosmic Girls.

The lyrics itself portray a conflicted individual that’s confused with the emotions that one should feel for someone that they like. On one hand, the individual wants to be with the person but on the other hand, is afraid that they would get hurt in the end. Cosmic Girls convey these conflicted emotions through their energetic dance moves and smooth vocals.

If you’re looking for a song that’s catchy and easy to listen to, definitely don’t miss Cosmic Girls’ “Secret”. Keep them on your radar as they’re definitely a girl group to look out for.

Watch Cosmic Girls - Secret - Dance Practice Video
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