• Title: Girl Like Me
  • Artist: CREAM
  • Runtime: 3:42   Language: Japanese
  • Date: January 8, 2017

"Girl Like Me" is one of the tracks on Japanese hip-hop duo CREAM's newest album, "CREAM THE BEST." The song tells a modern love story of the frustration and longing when two people both know they are serious about one another, but neither can seem to make themselves express how they feel. CREAM's lyrics reflect the global nature of music, English terms such as "shawty" with Japanese slang and mixing in several references to DC Comics character such as Harley Quinn and Batman's Joker.

The slideshow of pictures in the background, too, showcases the international quality of contemporary romance, with the couple going to amusement parks and karaoke bars, dressing up for Christmas and taking pictures in photo booths -- things which have their roots in a variety of cultures, but have come to be synonymous with a romantic date in places around the world.

The way in which the MV for "Girl Like Me" pairs with the lyrics of the song can be interpreted as a visual demonstration of the frequent disparity between inner feelings and outward expression. Though the couple in the video take dozens of cute pictures together and seem to be having a good time, occasionally their glances seem to turn inward and their inner monologues as told by the lyrics are fraught with angst and desire.

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