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  • ℃-ute
  • 5 members - Maimi Yajima, Saki Nakajima, Airi Suzuki, Chisato Okai, and Mai Hagiwara.
  • After the group Berryz Kobo was put together in 2004 with girls from the Hello! Project Kids, seven girls who had not become members of Berryz Kobo and became ℃-ute in 2005. Three of the original members (Megumi Murakami, Kanna Arihara, and Erika Umeda) eventually left ℃-ute for various reasons, and the current five-member lineup has remained consistent since 2009.
  • Genre: pop, dance pop, pop rock.
  • Record Labels: Zetima, Pony Canyon.
  • Popular Songs: Turn the Next Corner, The Middle Management, I miss you, The power
  • Albums: Cutie Queen Vol. 1, 2 Mini: Ikiru to Iu Chikara, 3rd: Love Escalation!, 4 Akogare My Star, Shocking 5, Cho Wonderful! 6, Dai Nana Sho 'Utsukushikutte Gomen ne,' 8 Queen of J-pop, ℃maj9, Cute Nan Desu! Zen Single Atsumechaimashita! 1, 2 Cute Shinseinaru Best Album.
  • Awards: The group won three awards in 2007: the New Artist Award on Best Hits Kayosai, a Cable Music Award on the Japan Cable Awards for the song "Meguru Koi no Kisetsu," and a New Artist Award and Best New Artist Award at the Japan Record Awards. In 2008, also at the Japan Record Awards, they won a Gold Award.
  • Videos
“FINAL SQUALL” (ファイナルスコール) is the newest single from the Japanese idol group ℃-ute. This song...
℃-ute is back with their newest single "Dreamlike Climax / Love Is Like Static Electricity / Singing ~Just Like Back In...
"Summer Wind" is part of ℃-ute's newest single release, which also includes "Why Do People Fight?"....
"Why Do People Fight?" is the latest single from all-female Hello! Project group ℃-ute. The song, done in a...
  • Albums
  • To Tomorrow / Final Squall / The Curtain
  • Single  ·  March 29, 2017
  1. To Tomorrow
  2. Final Squall (ファイナルスコール)
  3. The Curtain Rises
  4. To Tomorrow - Instrumental
  5. Final Squall (ファイナルスコール) - Instrumental
  6. The Curtain Rises - Instrumental
  • Dreamlike Climax / Love Is Like Static Electricity / Singing ~Just Like Back In The Day~
  • Single  ·  November 2, 2016
  1. Dreamlike Climax (夢幻クライマックス)
  2. Love Is Like Static Electricity (愛はまるで静電気)
  3. Singing ~Just Like Back In The Day~ (Singing~あの頃のように~)
  4. Dreamlike Climax (夢幻クライマックス) (Instrumental)
  5. Love Is Like Static Electricity (愛はまるで静電気) (Instrumental)
  6. Singing ~Just Like Back In The Day~ (Singing~あの頃のように~) (Instrumental)
  • Why Do People Fight? / Summer Wind / Life is STEP!
  • Single  ·  April 20, 2016
  1. Why Do People Fight? (何故 人は争うんだろう?)
  2. Summer Wind
  3. Life is STEP! (人生はSTEP!)
  4. Why Do People Fight? (何故 人は争うんだろう?) (instrumental)
  5. Summer Wind (instrumental)
  6. Life is STEP! (人生はSTEP!) (instrumental)
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