• Title: Final Squall (ファイナルスコール)
  • Artist: ℃-ute
  • Runtime: 5:07   Language: Japanese
  • Date: April 2, 2017

FINAL SQUALL” (ファイナルスコール) is the newest single from the Japanese idol group ℃-ute. This song is also the last single from ℃-ute before their disbandment on June 12th. “FINAL SQUALL” was composed and lyricized by Shock Eye, and arranged by Kusano Masashi & soundbreakers.

The MV does not have much of a storyline, but features ℃-ute members performing “FINAL SQUALL” in their usual powerful way in one of their concerts.

The lyrics of this song are rather fierce, insisting that goodbye is like a rainfall, but it will not wash away the good memories as they will always be somewhere in people’s hearts. The lyrics compare their disbandment to falling flowers, yet are cheerful about the prospect and states that it is merely like the flowers are getting ready for their next season, not the end. They make it clear at the end of the song by saying “a cute flower may fall, but in its place will come a beautiful flower.

℃-ute will have their last concert tour in all areas of Japan starting April 7 until June 3th.

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