• Bio
  • Cyndi Wang (王心凌)
  • Born on September 5, 1982 (Virgo) in Hsinchu, Taiwan.
  • Grew up with younger brother in a single-parent family under her mother’s care.
  • Speaks Mandarin, English and Hakka.
  • Her success in an Avex Taiwan competition in 2003 marked the beginning of her debut as a singer, and eventually she signed a contract with Avex Taiwan.
  • Labels: Universal Music Taiwan (2012-present), Avex Taiwan, Gold Typhoon
  • Albums: Dare not to dare, The 10th Cyndi, Love or Not, Sticky, H2H, Fly! Cyndi, Magic Cyndi, Cyndi Loves You, Begin…
  • Popular Songs: “Love You,” “Become Strangers,” “Honey,” “Curly Eye Lashes"
  • Actress Roles: Second Life (2013), Love Keeps Going (2011), Momo Love (2008), Smiling Pasta (2006)
  • Videos
Released as part of her album Gan Yao Gan Bu Yao (敢要敢不要) on December 4, 2015, this is a song that lingers in your ear...
  • Albums
  • Gan Yao Gan Bu Yao (敢要敢不要)
  • Album  ·  December 4, 2015
  1. BFF
  2. Shao Nu De Qi Dao (少女的祈禱)
  3. Gan Yao Gan Bu Yao (敢要敢不要)
  4. Ku Qi Baby (哭泣 Baby)
  5. Gei Wo Duo Yi Xie (給我多一些)
  6. Yi Dian Dian (一點點)
  7. Yuan Zai Yan Qian De Ni (遠在眼前的你)
  8. Wo Dong Le (我懂了)
  9. Yi Ge Ren De Ri Zi (一個人的日子)
  10. Qu Yuan Fang (去遠方)
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