• Title: Step Up Love (ステップアップLOVE)
  • Artist: DAOKO
  • Runtime: 4:51   Language: Japanese
  • Date: October 22, 2017

Taking things to the next level sounds pretty exciting but it's not always easy. There are times we get so excited and aggressive that we act like pros and sometimes we just have to go back to the basics and learn again.

Step Up Love (ステップアップLOVE), DAOKO’s latest single, talks about the ups and downs of desiring to take a step forward in love. Following the release of “Uchiage Hanabi” (打上花火) in August, the hands-on 20-year old singer teams up with singer-songwriter Yasuyuki Okamura for her 4th single with the title track serving as the ending theme for TV anime “Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond” (血界戦線 & BEYOND).

Getting into a relationship and being in it is like being in a dance battle as shown by the singers in the visuals wherein two people have to show everything they've got to get to know and understand one another. Ending the battle with a kiss and both getting the same score, it simply shows that no matter how different two persons may be, love finds a way to make a perfect harmony out of them.

Having 3 CD editions, Step Up Love comes back to back with 3 other songs, “Kahlua Milk” (カルアミルク) for regular edition A, “Wasurannai yo” (忘らんないよ) for regular edition B, and “TOKYO KICK-ASS” which was written by the DAOKO herself along with the title track for the limited edition. Get ready to get into the groove with this newest collaboration!

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