• Title: Beside Me (내 옆에 그대인 걸)
  • Artist: Davichi
  • Runtime: 4:06   Language: Korean
  • Date: October 23, 2016

Power vocal duo Davichi are back with the release of their MV for Beside Me. It’s the lead single of their 6th mini album 50 X Half. The other lead single is Love Is. Written and composed by Jeon Haesung, Beside Me is a powerful but soothing ballad. They sing about their everlasting love, alone or together.

The MV starts with Lee Haeri and Kang Minkyung in the dark, a lantern illuminating their path. Throughout, they are searching for a mysterious man in elegant but empty places — long halls, dining rooms and forests. Their voices are full of emotion in this hauntingly beautiful song. You can’t help but hold your breath. The melody and cuts between scenes crescendo until the light is snuffed out. The MV ends with the beginning scene and the listeners are finally given a chance to breathe.

Give this song a listen as you will fall for the ladies’ rich voices and perfect harmony!

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