• Title: Hi Hello
  • Artist: DAY6
  • Runtime: 3:53   Language: Korean
  • Date: July 16, 2017

A simple “hello” is all it takes to start something new. DAY6 tells the story of a love that starts at “hello” in their new song “Hi Hello”. The new track is a light rock ballad full of airy vocals, as nostalgic and loving as the lyrics. DAY6’s new song is a toast to the fragile beginnings of new relationships.

From just a glance, from a casual “hello”, a relationship can blossom out of nothing; DAY6 describes this sudden love with soft yet warm harmonies. “Hi Hello” narrates two strangers beginning their love story from a single word; who form a love so strong that every single “hello” becomes just as kind and loving as the first. The music video captures the beauty of new beginnings perfectly, as the band members form bonds from a single smile while they hitchhike through large sunlit fields.

You never know what kind of story will unfold when you meet someone for the first time, but DAY6 describes this feeling of possibility with their bright music video and light melody. Whether you’re in the first chapter of your own love story, or just remembering the good old days, “Hi Hello” describes a journey that will warm your heart.

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