• Title: How Can I Say (어떻게 말해)
  • Artist: DAY6
  • Runtime: 3:22   Language: Korean
  • Date: March 12, 2017

DAY6 are fulfilling their promise of making 2017 the best year by releasing a new song each month along with some incredible concerts. “How Can I Say” has been released this month, making it the third song of the year and DAY6 are looking unstoppable. “How Can I Say” is a pop song with some intense music and awesome melody.

There's something about DAY6 that is just irresistible with their talent and you can’t stop listening to them. Their music has a distinctive style, the lyrics actually make sense and are so beautiful that you get involved while listening to them.

DAY6 have some fascinating things going on in their music and work to their strengths so well. The lyrics in this song are very strong, it describes the situation when someone loves you so much and would do anything for you but you do not feel the same way for them. This strange feeling makes you hate yourself and you wish you could change it someway so that you love them back but it is just impossible. You just can’t muster the strength to tell them that you can’t love them anymore because it would leave them devastated and you don’t know what to do.

The music video is also fantastic with some great editing. You can see them playing their instruments, guitars, piano and the drums with those special effects. Even though the video is very simple but everything keeps your attention towards the video.

DAY6 is one of the hottest bands in K-Rock right now and they are getting better. We hope that you enjoy “How Can I Say” just as much as we did.

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