• Title: I Like You (좋아합니다)
  • Artist: DAY6
  • Runtime: 4:14   Language: Korean
  • Date: December 27, 2017

DAY6 is back with a brave and sincere confession with “I Like You”, their latest release from the “MOONRISE” album.

Confessing to someone is especially difficult when you’re doing it to someone you already know, but still unsure of how that other person feels. The lyrics of “I Like You” is a sentiment of wanting to make a move, but not doing so for the fear of falling into that gray area where everything is awkward and bitter if they do not reciprocate your feelings. Love, like a lot of things in life, doesn’t always go smoothly. Confessing might complicate your comfortable relationship, but the feelings are just too strong to ignore. Finally, love bravely takes its first step. It wishes for a mutual response, but it doesn’t expect too much, doesn’t require too much and it’s willing to take a step back if it’s not meant to be.

The bittersweet lyrics is a food for thought on how love should sometimes be: sincere, but not forceful. The soulful voices of the DAY6 members give justice to the beautiful lyrics and the video provides us with a sweet story of a love blossoming through a simple, yet sincere confession. “I Like You” is a song definitely worth the listen! Go ahead and watch the video and give DAY6 much love and support.

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