• Title: D (Half Moon)
  • Artist: DEAN
  • Runtime: 3:52   Language: Korean
  • Date: April 10, 2016

Best known for his songwriting skills and music compositions for many K-pop artists, Dean has finally come out with his first EP album called 130 Mood: TRBL, which features seven tracks, all of which had gained good recognition. He had recently released a new music video for D (Half Moon) featuring Gaeko.

The song has smooth rhythmic tempo and holds a R&B sound to it, fitting nicely with Dean's vocals. With the lyrics, Dean sings how nothing can be comparable to how much he loves the girl. He wishes at least half of her could be with him so that he won't feel so empty.

As for the music video, the image is kept on a low tone but still fantasy-like and dreamy. As Dean sings about stars and moons we see the girl's chair floating about and we are transported to a cartoon world when Gaeko appears. The video ends nicely with the girl sleeping on the couch, but we are suddenly surprised with a hand (Dean's) knocking on the door before everything is cut off. It's a cliffhanger for listeners and if they want to know what happens next, they have to listen to rest of the tracks on Dean's EP, which he had aligned as a storyline.

For his album, Dean participated in composing and writing the lyrics for his songs, including collaboration with other artists. The video for D (Half Moon) was directed by Tiger Caves, a well-known music video studio in Korea that has created numerous music videos for many K-pop groups and artists, such as Beast, EXO, BlockB, and Jay Park.

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