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  • Dear Jane
  • Group members: Tim Wong (Lead Vocal), Jackal Ng (Bassist), Howie Yung (Guitarist), Nice Lai (Drummer)
  • Ex-member: Adam Diaz (Guitarist)
  • Hong Kong punk rock and pop-punk group formed in 2003.
  • Tim was raised in the USA, Howie and Adam were born in Canada, Jackal was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Taiwan
  • The name “Dear Jane” was formed as a play on the “Dear John letters,” letters written by wives to soldiers serving abroad to tell them that their relationship has ended, but in this case from the view of a male writing to a female instead.
  • Record Labels: Warner Music (2011 - present), See Music Ltd., Music Nation Ltd.
  • Albums: 100, XOXO, GAMMA, Yellow Fever!, Dear Jane
  • Popular Songs: “Unavoidable,” “Grass Ring,” “Let’s Just Do It,” “Yellow Fever”
  • “Rising Star” chosen as theme song of The Hong Kong Jockey Club
  • Videos
Some people may have better lives than others; some people may be smarter; some people may be more successful…people...
We are walking on this journey towards death, from the moment we are given life. With a heavy heart, Dear Jane released a new...
Dear Jane’s newest single, Days Gone By (經過一些秋與冬), is the final episode of the love story between Haoran...
Not all romantic love lasts forever. The band, Dear Jane, sings about the reality of a relationship in their newly released...
This beautiful performance of “You & Me” by the band Dear Jane reminds us what it’s like to live in...
  • Albums
  • Won't Live Forever (也許我不會活多一歲)
  • Single  ·  September 11, 2017
  • Final Embrace (終點的擁抱)
  • Single  ·  April 19, 2017
  • Days Gone By (經過一些秋與冬)
  • Single  ·  September 12, 2016
  • Lost (只知感覺失了蹤)
  • Single  ·  June 20, 2016
  • You & Me (哪裡只得我共你)
  • Single  ·  March 7, 2016
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