• Title: Lost (只知感覺失了蹤)
  • Artist: Dear Jane
  • Runtime: 4:49   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: July 17, 2016

Not all romantic love lasts forever. The band, Dear Jane, sings about the reality of a relationship in their newly released single “Lost” (只知感覺失了蹤), expressing the difficulty of maintaining a relationship when the excitement and enthusiasm in love is lost. This was expressed through the lyrics, which describe a person struggling to handle a relationship filled with arguments and distrust. After putting in all his effort, and seeing that there was still no trust between them, he knew that the feelings for each other were lost.

Filmed with beautiful cinematics, this sad love story was shot like a short movie. In the MV, the man was seen continually avoiding his girlfriend’s contact. When she happily arrived at his work studio, he ignored her until she decided to confront him. The man left in frustration, while his girlfriend sobbed in tears, stirring the hearts of many people who are also struggling in a relationship.

Dear Jane participated in the production of this song - their guitarist Howie Yung composed this song, and produced it together with their vocalist Tim Wong and Pesky Kwan. The band also arranged this song together with Pesky Kwan.

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