• Bio
  • Della (丁噹)
  • Born in Jiaxing, China on April 17, 1983 (Aries)
  • Since she was young, she was an avid singer and pop music enthusiast.
  • When she was 18, she left her town and found a string of jobs singing in cabarets and bars.
  • Her success began after she was chosen by Rock Records to record her songs.
  • Record Labels: B'in Music Co. Ltd (2006-present), Rock Records (2003-2006)
  • Albums: Run Away From Home, Decisively Loved, Night Cat, Fu Good, Dare to Love
  • Popular Songs: "Unable to Guess," "I Love Him," "Onion," "Be My Folk," "I'm a Little Bird," "You're always been here"
  • Awards: “I Love Him” was chosen as the Taiwan KTV Year-on-Demand Song, winner of the Chinese version of the singing competition King of the Mask Singer.
  • Videos
Della's song Natural High, a duet with Grover from Magic Power, is released in her 2016 album Be My Own Friend. Being an...
“Love Myself More” from the album Be My Own Friend is a song about heartbreak, reminiscing and introspection. Della...
  • Albums
  • Be My Own Friend (當我的好朋友)
  • Album  ·  March 18, 2016
  1. Give Me One Love (想戀一個愛)
  2. Be My Own Friend (當我的好朋友)
  3. Love Myself More (只是不夠愛自己)
  4. Divine Song (神曲)
  5. Natural High (feat. Magic Power - Grover )
  6. Big Move (大動作)
  7. Crossroads (ft. JiaJia) (交叉)
  8. Naive Woman (笨女人)
  9. Never Not Lonely (不是不寂寞)
  10. Camouflage (保護色)
  11. You've Always Been Here (原來你都在)
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