• Title: Love Myself More (只是不夠愛自己)
  • Artist: Della
  • Runtime: 4:20   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: March 27, 2016

Love Myself More” from the album Be My Own Friend is a song about heartbreak, reminiscing and introspection. Della plays a woman who is reflecting on her break up with her boyfriend, played by the Taiwanese artist Ahn Zhe (安哲). An independent and firm person, she should be able to move on, but she finds herself unable to leave the memories she has with her boyfriend behind. Maybe the reason she can’t forge ahead, she realizes, is that she doesn’t lover herself enough.

Della sings these lyrics with a beautiful and sad tension that reveals the emotions of a woman who needs the courage to love herself more. With lyrics written by Ge Da Wei and music composed by Lu Zhi Jie, the song was featured as the ending theme song for the Chinese TV drama Yun Zhong Ge (雲中歌).

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