• Title: Chase Me
  • Artist: Dreamcatcher
  • Runtime: 4:08   Language: Korean
  • Date: January 22, 2017

There’s a new group on the K-pop scene: 7-piece girl group Dreamcatcher. Their debut MV, Chase Me, just released along with single, Nightmare, and though the MV certainly would feel more at home during the fall months or Halloween, it certainly helps the group stand out with an air of mystique and edginess for their debut.

As the title suggests, the song, Chase Me, is all about the pursuit of love. It’s a modern capture of the timeless tale of boy-chase-girl. The lyrics constantly tease and dare the love interest to brave the risk of the chase. But the chase is not only physical, but also emotional and psychological. As the video suggests by its dreamy and nightmarish elements—the chase is an invitation into the dark and mysterious psyche of the girl, and into the powerful and dangerous realm of love.

The MV utilizes dream and nightmare imagery to visually tie in the lyrics of Chase Me, along with their record single, Nightmare. Plus, the fast paced choreography matches the charged, hard-rock vibe of the song, written, composed and arranged by Super Bomb. Along with great use of effects and creative scene choice (how romantically creepy are 1800’s style mansions!) the MV should help Dreamcatcher make a memorable splash for their debut.

K-pop fans will no doubt enjoy new girl group, Dreamcatcher, and may even remember some of the members from their former group, Minx. And with two new members in the mix and a fresh start, we will be looking forward to hearing and seeing more from them.

Watch Dreamcatcher - Chase Me - Dance Practice Video
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