• Title: Fly high (날아올라)
  • Artist: Dreamcatcher
  • Runtime: 3:42   Language: Korean
  • Date: August 7, 2017

Beautiful with a hint of danger, the new music video from Dreamcatcher is a look at the mysterious sides of love. The ladies of Dreamcatcher run through the halls of a haunted mansion, moving from beautiful picnics, to creepy encounters. Like the thrilling story of the music video, the lyrics of “Fly High (날아올라)” tells the story of emotions so strong, they’re almost supernatural.

Fly High (날아올라)”, from their Prequel album, describes overwhelming emotions, beautiful like a rainbow, but dangerous like a trap. Just like these emotions, the song is full of sweet flowery vocals, over a dark rock sound that’s sharp with electric guitars and heavy drums. Dreamcatcher sings about emotions that drag them in like a black hole, but that they can’t seem to get enough of. They describe a passion that takes all their pain away, makes them feel like they’re flying high, but that traps them in like nightmare.

The passion in the lyrics of “Fly High (날아올라)” is gorgeous and frightening like Dreamcatcher’s adventures in the music video’s haunted mansion. “Fly High (날아올라)” has the kind of passion you want to run towards and run away from. One thing is for sure, the feelings in Dreamcatcher’s creative tale are too intense to be fake!

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