• Title: Good Night
  • Artist: Dreamcatcher
  • Runtime: 3:41   Language: Korean
  • Date: April 15, 2017

Good Night is Dreamcatcher’s new single, a continuation of their previous song Chase Me, with the dark and haunting themes still reigning. The song was written and composed by Super Bomb, with Jam Factory also contributing to the lyrics.

Good Night tells the story of being trapped in an orchestrated nightmare. The girls sing about wanting to keep the one they love to themselves. They wait for him to fall asleep, and then transport him to a scary dream, in which they have all control and there is no escape – he must stay with them forever.

The music video continues from where Chase Me left off. It takes place in the same house, after the man breaks into a room filled with photos of all the girls. He takes a chained-up book off the shelf, flipping through the pages. As he does, we realize the connection between what’s inside the book and what’s happening to the girls. Eventually the man is trapped in the mirror which symbolized as being trapped in a nightmare.

Fans of Dreamcatcher’s alluring dark tunes will no doubt enjoy this new single, with its intricate plot and stunning visuals. Good Night is the lead track of their newly released single, Fall Asleep In The Mirror.

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