• Title: I Am Glad I Said I love You (あいしてると言ってよかった)
  • Artist: E-girls
  • Runtime: 6:06   Language: Japanese
  • Date: January 21, 2018

I Am Glad I Said I love You is the title track of the E-girls’ latest album of the same name. It grapples with the deeply personal human experiences of life, love and loss.

Written from the perspective of a grieving lover who is starting to accept the loss of her beloved, the lyrics express her feelings of gratefulness that she had confessed her love to the lover before they were separated by death. It also affirms the strength of this bond that outlasts even death, as, in between the moments of sorrow, the living lover is still able to find happiness in the belief that the departed loved one is still watching over their life in the human world, refusing to sever their ties, even when the lover has lost the physical body.

The visuals complement this narrative by alternating between scenes in the physical world, and scenes set in the afterlife, where the dead still attempt to stay close to those they love. In doing this, the dearly departed live on in, and as, the dreams of those whom they have left behind. Drawing the lyrics and visuals together into a single narrative, the clip ends with the living looking up at the sky, believing that the fall of snow is their loved ones smiling down at them.

This song will serve as the theme for KOSE’s FAISO TV commercial.

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