• Title: Four Seasons (四季)
  • Artist: Eason Chan
  • Runtime: 4:03   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: October 16, 2016

The “god of songs” Eason Chan, delicately sings a song of love, friendship, betrayal and hope, from a female’s perspective in his new song “Four Seasons” (四季). The song lyrics, written by Siu-Hak (小克), talks about a woman telling a story of her past relationship, using “four seasons” as a representation of the time passed and her emotions. It describes the woman being cheated by her ex-lover in spring, realizing that her friend was the third party in summer, and drowning in sadness and sense of betrayal in autumn and winter. However, she has now finally moved on and is hopeful for her next relationship.

The MV, directed by the famous music video director Jude Chen (陳映之), is filmed with the black and white cinematography to express the protagonist’s feeling of melancholy when reminiscing her past relationship. However, the video ends with a huge blooming of a flower to signify the arrival of spring, as well as being hopeful in the new relationship.

Eason Chan is in the midst of his “Another Eason’s Life 2016” concert in several cities of China, which will end on October 22 in Beijing.

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