• Title: Who Will Cut the Moonlight (誰來剪月光)
  • Artist: Eason Chan
  • Runtime: 3:31   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: August 19, 2017

Combining the Chinese and Western music elements, Eason Chan's (陳奕迅) new single Who Will Cut the Moonlight (誰來剪月光) described Eason's solitude after he was apart from his lover.

The lyrics compared the Eason's missing to his ex-lover with the moonlight. Although Eason kept on fooling himself about how he had forgotten her, his missing continued to be around him and pulling him into the old memories. When love had deeply buried in the heart but couple became apart, the feeling was like the moonlight that could not be cut off.

The music video started with Eason walking alone under the moonlight. Return the empty house, his thought could not stop going back to the happy times when his ex-lover was still around. If the time clock can rewind and return to the past, would everything be different? That's probably the question on Eason's mind at all times, reflected on his lonely face full of sense of loss.

Forgetting the significant one is a tough and cruel process. You have to go through pain, loneliness, and lots of missing before you can leave someone important behind you. That feeling is just like the moonlight that is all over you during the night, and cannot be cut off easily. Maybe time is the only cure to this.

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