• Title: Me vs Me (渾身是勁)
  • Artist: Ella Chen
  • Runtime: 3:50   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: November 13, 2016

For many people, their biggest enemies are themselves. How to continue improving and win the battle against oneself? Ella Chen (陳嘉樺) shared her experience through her newest single, “Me vs Me” (渾身是勁). Composed and produced by Machi DiDi (麻吉弟弟), the song delivered Ella's commitment in continue improving herself for a better future.

The lyrics consist of many positive statements such as "Not calling it off because I am afraid to lose to the old me" and "Don't want to stop so I can continue challenging myself." Without knowing what she will lose or gain, she enjoyed every moment during the battle with her old self. Whenever she increased her limits and made achievement, she felt exceptionally happy.

The music video further approved Ella's ability to make changes by fitting her into different styles. Accompanied with finger-popping music and energetic group-dance, Ella switched among eye-poping sculpts that are completely different from her "sweet girl" public image. She could be a housewife or a hip-hop dancer; she could be lovely or be wild; she could wipe out the kitchen counter or do a pole dancing. All these models she demonstrated in the music video were chin-dropping but refreshing, and dittoed her fit-it-all image and dedication to change. How can anyone forget a star like this? We should all keep our eyes open for Ella's next surprise for us!

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