• Bio
  • Elvis Tian (田亞霍)
  • Born on May 6, 1995 (Taurus) in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • He burst onto the scene as an Internet sensation from doing cover songs started in 2014
  • Signed by Chang Hsiao Yen in 2015 and trained for nearly a year before his debut
  • Official debut with "I AM ELVIS EP" under record label Forward Music Co in 2016
  • First full album "It's You & Elvis"
  • Record Label: Forward Music Co.
  • Popular Songs: “I am who I am” (我就是我), “Can I?” (能不能)
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Included in Elvis Tian's (田亞霍) most recent album "It's You & Elvis", "It's You" is...
A song that captures the romantic spirit of Valentine’s Day, Elvis Tian’s “Our Valentine’s Day”...
  • Albums
  • It's You & Elvis
  • Album  ·  December 16, 2016
  1. Dreamer (夢想家)
  2. My Little Darling (小醋瓶)
  3. Set U Free (形同陌路)
  4. It's You
  5. Pinky Swear (打勾勾)
  6. One Shot (賞你一個痛快)
  7. Broken Heart (不要再見面)
  8. An An (安安)
  9. Is That Serious? (有那麼嚴重嗎)
  10. Summer
  • I Am Elvis
  • Single  ·  January 22, 2016
  1. Our Valentine's Day (我們的情人節)
  2. I Am Who I Am (我就是我)
  3. Can you? (能不能)
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