• Title: It’s You
  • Artist: Elvis Tian
  • Runtime: 5:02   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: January 8, 2017

Included in Elvis Tian's (田亞霍) most recent album "It's You & Elvis", "It's You" is the theme song for the Taiwanese idol drama, "The King of Romance" (如朕親臨). Composed and written by Hans (陳思翰), Elvis also contributed in writing the lyrics of his own song.

"It's You" narrated a story in which Elvis was fated to meet and fall in an one-side love with a girl. He wanted to be with her for life but was too shy to confess the love. He wished the girl to see his heart and love him back, then she would know Elvis is her Mr. Right.

The music video was directed by JP Huang (黄中平), a famous MV director known for many remarkable works. In the music video, Elvis mixed guitar and his sexy voice while telling the audience how he imagined sharing coffee and food with the girl (starred by Xue Shu Xu 薛姝瑀) he had crush on serectly. Even though he did not have the guts to confront, his feelings for her deepened as he thought about her more. Eventually, Elvis took the courage and offered her his heart when he found her in the middle of the crowd. When the two hands held together tightly, all the scenes he ever dreamed of became true.

Love needs courage. The first step to every relationship is to make your loved one hear your heart. Elvis will hold various events in Taiwan in January and February to meet his fans and hand out autographs. Make sure you check out his calendars if you want to meet him in person in Taiwan!

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