• Title: Smile With a Broken Heart (我知道要微笑)
  • Artist: Eric Chou
  • Runtime: 4:51   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: February 24, 2018

Eric Chou’s (周興哲) new song Smile With A Broken Heart (我知道要微笑) is an original soundtrack written for an upcoming Chinese blockbuster online film, where lyrics written by Youth Literature Writer Rao Xue Man (饒雪漫) make sense of a sentimental tune that he had composed himself.

The ballad addresses lost love. Getting over an ex-lover is a difficult and emotional feat; however, it is also essential process to moving on. While Eric is despondent about his break-up, he is also aware that him and his ex-lover had shared a beautiful thing—therefore, he should not be crying because it is over, but smiling because it had happened. He compares such love to a one-way ticket: once it is gone, it is gone forever and there is no return, serving up a valuable lesson in treasuring the moment.

The music video, directed by cutting-edge director Wang Yu Cheng (王羽成), addresses the concept behind the song down pat. More artistic than anecdotal, most parts of the video portray Eric serenading in a clean, tranquil environment, a metaphorical plane where time is suspended so that he can quietly reminisce on the memories of his ex-lover.

Memories are like a time machine, they bring us back to the past while brushing shoulders with the present. They are also a visual treat for the mind that yearns to relive something beautiful. However, good times, as desirable as they were, still must pass. We must always remember to draw ourselves back to the present and keep our feet on the grounds of reality.

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