• Title: This Is Love
  • Artist: Eric Chou
  • Runtime: 4:53   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: August 21, 2016

There is one type of love in the world that does not ask for returns. In Eric Chou’s “This is Love,” he entranced the audience this kind of love with his classical and magnetic voice, leaving warm and happy feelings in everyone’s heart.

This is Love was included in Eric Chou’s second album, “What Love Has Taught Us…” (愛, 教會我們的事), and was composed by Eric. It narrated pure love germinated and bloomed from childhood, which is a sincere feeling that will not fade away with the years. Co-starred with Taiwan actress Manshu Jian (簡嫚書), Eric incarnated as the affectionate boy in the music video, and well placed his obscure but forever love with the heroine.

The music video was about the growth process between Eric and Manshu, from they were little kids to their school lives, then to their adulthoods. Love has flowered from the purest and the deepest friendship, but Eric didn’t have the guts to face. He just stayed beside Manshu, watching her entering into relationships and getting hurt. After another fight between Manshu and her boyfriend, Eric took the courage and proposed to Manshu in a room lit with many candles, giving the story a happy ending.

Many people think love is possession and occupying; however, Eric’s “This is Love” taught us that love, is to silently protect you, to be on your side, and to wish for your happiness.

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