• Title: Next Chapter (下一個未來)
  • Artist: Erika Liu
  • Runtime: 4:48   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: September 25, 2016

Being a Pisces girl, Erika Liu appears to possess all the characteristics of this horoscope, with lots of emotions, imaginations, and a kind heart. These characteristics built the soul of her new song, Next Chapter (下一個未來), included in her very first album, I Am Erika.

The song used simple and plain language, expressed Erika’s attitude to love, which is tenacious, maniac, and brave. As the lyrics described, in order to arrive at the next chapter for love, Erika is not afraid of getting hurt, always has faith in love, and will not exchange love with anything.

The music video continued the succinct style, and brought the audience back to the nature with a relaxed sensation. When Erika was driving on a mountain track with her guitar, she enjoyed the lovely nature with mountain and trees. The wind flew through her fingers, and closely connected her with the surroundings. When Erika embraced the love, it did not matter whether she was in the mountains or in the city. Wherever she was, she was free to jump high, with the winds blowing her beautiful white dress gently. Maybe that is what love brings her, the freedom, comfort, and relaxation.

If you are brave and open your heart to love, you can also enjoy these wonderful feelings.

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