• Title: DDD (덜덜덜)
  • Artist: EXID
  • Runtime: 3:26   Language: Korean
  • Date: November 26, 2017

EXID returns into the music scene with the new song entitled “DDD”. The song, which is the lead track from their album “Full Moon”, will surely give you the trembles.

The lyrics tell us about how EXID can see through all the terrible lies that their lover have been telling them. They are trapped in a toxic relationship, and all the drama drains them. Everyone they know even try to warn them about what a tool their man could be. Somehow, they kept believing in him and his apologies, falling deeper and deeper in love. But now they just can’t seem to take how apparent he is with his vicious cycle of lies and deception. His actions betray his words, and they can see each and every tremble of his body whenever he lies. It’s a painful love that makes one go crazy, and it won’t be too long till they ultimately pull away.

The music video shows us the fierce and bold sides of EXID, who perfectly portray the emotions that the lyrics evoke. The music is addictive and it’s the perfect anthem for those who are sick of being played at by their loved ones. Listen to EXID’s “DDD” and enjoy their music video!

Watch EXID - DDD - Dance Practice Video
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