• Artist: Exile The Second
  • Runtime: 3:56   Language: Japanese
  • Date: September 18, 2016

"WILD WILD WILD" is the newest single from EXILE THE SECOND. It celebrates the group's recent comeback, and declares their intention to stand on the front lines, ready to fight their way into the future.

The MV reflects these lyrics in an explosive and visceral way as the group dances amid overgrown and ancient ruins, smashing through huge rocks with their fists and the power of their raw inner energy. Throughout the video, the members of EXILE THE SECOND are surrounded by a myriad of men dressed in all different sorts of traditional warrior attire, faces painted and armed with bows, arrows, and spears. Whether the modernly dressed groups of men who stride in seemingly to challenge EXILE THE SECOND towards the end of the MV are manifestations of those warriors or whether the warriors were merely present in spirit, watching a new generation of fighters take the floor, is up to the viewer to tell.

"WILD WILD WILD" is the first single to feature EXILE AKIRA as an official member of EXILE THE SECOND, bringing the total number of their members up to six. The song also has been used as part of the promotional video for movie Suicide Squad in Japan. EXILE THE SECOND begins their EXILE THE SECOND LIVE TOUR 2016-2017WILD WILD WARRIORS" on October 29.

Watch Suicide Squad - Promotional Video Japanese Ver.
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