• Title: Higher Ground feat. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
  • Artist: Exile Tribe
  • Runtime: 4:13   Language: Japanese
  • Date: June 5, 2016

"Higher Ground" is the new theme song for new "Exile Tribe" movie, "High & Low: The Movie." The movie will be released in July 16th of this summer. With the tag line "Friendship, Family, Rivals, Separation" the movie is shaping up to be a battle action between 5 different teams vying for control.

The MV is once again the standard for these sorts of videos, well choreographed moves in sync with the catchy beat of the song and lighting. The song itself is talking about aiming higher, getting more, getting better. Most of the time the video is split into two, perhaps signifying that there is friction between the two groups that appear on screen.

This song will be the theme song for their combat action movie, so it's quite appropriate for the lyrics to talk about winning against the other teams, surviving, and being ready for battle. The rhythm is powerful, catchy and very impactful from the get go.

The band will be performing songs in, High & Low The Live, starting this July around Japan to help promote the movie and their High & Low Original Best Album.

Watch High & Low: The Movie - Trailer
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