• Title: Lotto
  • Artist: EXO
  • Runtime: 3:21   Language: Korean
  • Date: September 4, 2016

EXO recently released their song “Lotto” in their album The 3rd Album Repackage, this upbeat hip-hop song is sure to be a hit with listeners and have one nodding along to the beat. This famous South Korean – Chinese boy group made up of ten members had just held a series of concerts earlier this year. The music video has a darker feel with the members of EXO dressed in more formal attire while they showcase their smooth dance moves in a backdrop that looks like an underground gambling den.

The lyrics talk about how an individual falls hard for a girl to the point that it feels like they’ve won the lottery and even saying that she’s more important than money. The music video portrays that as it shows EXO saving a woman that was kept prisoner, they risk a lot to do so including burning all the money that they’ve earned and even getting arrested. Was it all worth it though? I’m sure viewers would find that debatable. EXO however, really shines in this video with their charisma, confidence and sleek dance moves, sealing the fact that their popularity is sure to continue to soar.

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