• Title: Power
  • Artist: EXO
  • Runtime: 5:05   Language: Korean
  • Date: September 10, 2017

How do you get to feel the power? EXO answers how in their new song, “Power”, an EDM song equipped with dynamic synth sounds and drum beats. “Power” is from their 4th album repackage entitled “THE WAR: The Power of the Music”.

EXO sings about how creativity with one’s imagination, topped with the courage to cast all inhibitions aside are the keys to unfolding the future. In the lyrics of the song “Power”, it is mentioned that binding limits, such as time, do not tamper with the ability to achieve whatever goals are set if imaginations and dreams serve as the guides. Most importantly, it is important to grab ahold and remember those dreams whilst enjoying how the future reveals itself. In the song “Power”, EXO invites us to become one and join in on the fun, and as the unity grows through faithful, constant presence and sincere feelings of one another, we get to seize the power. We grow stronger and stronger.

We get to see EXO unite and ultimately trample over the enemy in the music video of “Power” which reminds us, along with the lyrics, that on days that make us feel weary, we just need to reminisce about the wonderful companionship that music and people bring. In those thoughts, deep within us ultimately resides the power to rise above the challenges.

Power” is a uniquely furnished video with a bonus of showcasing the cartoon version of the members themselves! Go ahead and share the “Power” of the music with EXO!

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