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  • F.T. Island
  • 5 members - Guitarist and keyboard player Choi Jong-hoon, lead vocalist Lee Hong-gi, bassist and vocalist Lee Jae-jin, guitarist and vocalist Song Seung-hyun, and drummer Choi Min-hwan. Choi Jong-hoon is the group's leader.
  • After forming in Korea in 2007, F.T. Island quickly expanded their audience to other parts of Asia. In 2008 they released their first Japanese single. Currently, they have approximately as many Japanese-language albums as Korean-language albums. All of F.T. Island's members have been with the group from the start except for Song Seung-hyun, who replaced a member named Oh Won Bin in 2009.
  • Lead vocalist Lee Hong-gi does solo work as well. Three of F.T. Island's members (Choi Jong-hoon, Choi Min-hwan, and Lee Jae-jin) also sometimes work as a sub-group called F.T. Triple when one or more of the other members is unavailable due to project conflicts or health concerns.
  • Genre: rock, pop.
  • Record labels: FNC Entertainment, CJ E&M Music and Live, AI Entertainment, Warner Music Group.
  • Japanese-language albums: So Long, Au Revoir, Japan Special Album Vol. 1, Five Treasure Island, 20 (Twenty), Rated-FT, New Page, 5.....Go, and N.W.U.
  • Awards: F.T. Island has won numerous awards, including various Golden Disc awards and Asia's Popular Band Award.
  • Popular Songs: "Severely", "Pray", "I Hope"
  • The "F.T." in F.T. Island's name stands for "Five Treasure," since the group has five members.
  • Videos
"Paradise" is the title track from F.T. Island's newest single. From the pure soft rock music to the beautiful...
F.T. Island released a new music video for their song, Take Me Now, from their sixth album, Where's the Truth. This album...
"YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM" is one of the tracks featured on F.T. Island's newest Japanes-language album,...
  • Albums
  • Paradise
  • Single  ·  August 23, 2017
  1. Paradise
  2. Stay what you are
  3. What about me?
  4. Shadows (FTISLAND Arena Tour 2017 -UNITED SHADOWS- Live)
  5. Paradise (Inst.)
  • Where's the Truth?
  • Album  ·  July 18, 2016
  1. Out of Love
  2. Take Me Now
  3. Lose
  4. Mask (가면)
  5. Becoming You (너에게 물들어)
  6. Stand By Me
  7. Paparazzi
  8. Wonderful Life
  9. We Are…
  • N.W.U
  • Album  ·  April 6, 2016
  2. PUPPY
  4. Subarashii Jinsei wo (素晴らしい人生を)
  5. AQUA
  6. Identity (アイデンティティ)
  7. imagine
  8. Walking Dead
  9. Time
  10. Cycle
  11. We are...
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