• Title: Someday We'll Know
  • Artist: FAKY
  • Runtime: 3:34   Language: Japanese
  • Date: June 11, 2017

FAKY (フェイキー) is at it with their upcoming record single, "Someday We'll Know / Unwrapped" which is set for releasing on June 14.

Upbeat is a perfect description of the song, "Someday We'll Know", not to mention the lyrics being about exploring the unknown, looking forward and empowering oneself. Singleness is also presented in the MV where on the intro, each member is in different parts of a city, either standing or sitting in isolation, but soon in the MV, they would come together with one goal and it is celebrating friendship and freedom.

As the lyrics go "Stay Wild, Stay Free, mitakotonai keshiki wo mitai" (Stay Wild, Stay Free, みたことない 景色 を みたい) describes wanting to see "unseen sceneries" or wanting to see and explore the unknown while still young. It is about not stopping nor slowing down any moment soon. Moreover, it is about saying goodbye to yesterday and face tomorrow with vitality, passion, and love for life. The members perform an energetic dance that complements the true meaning of the lyrics. Each dance move resonates energy throughout the MV which makes viewers want to dance on their seats.

FAKY's special release event, “Unwrapped”, will be held on June 14, 2017 in Space ODD, Tokyo, Japan

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