• Title: Suga Sweet
  • Artist: FAKY
  • Runtime: 2:59   Language: Japanese
  • Date: October 15, 2017

Suga Sweet by FAKY is their second digital single, available on iTunes and Spotify. The song discusses the sugar-like sweetness of romance.

The largely English lyrics list a variety of sweet dessert items that love is being likened to, while the Japanese lines are primarily about the girls’ personal responses to the sweetness expressed by the English lines. These range from love being so sweet that even having it all is not enough, or being so sweet that they can’t let go, and yearn for the lover’s embrace. This aligns well with the idea of using dessert items, which can be addicting, similar to the romance mentioned in the song

This sense of vibrancy and the all-consuming nature of their attraction is further added to by the visuals which keep switching locations and times, from broad daylight among large rocks to dancing in the sunset, which further suggests a kind of timelessness and everlasting energy that comes from this almost addictive sense of love.

Perhaps deep down, this is a genuine human yearning for connection with others and especially our loved ones at every stage of life.

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