• Title: Surrender
  • Artist: FAKY
  • Runtime: 2:55   Language: Japanese
  • Date: March 19, 2017

Surrender” is FAKY’s newly released digital single. The lyrics are written by Kanata Okajima but the composition is a collaboration by Kanata Okajima, Becky Jerams, and Sky Adams. The girls group FAKY’s unique mixture of Western and Japanese hip-hop style is clearly distinguishable, and this music video “Surrender” is no exception.

The song starts with a rather soft voice introducing the song’s most thematic melody “Surrender… Let the world fade away… Together… We could make it all Okay…” and slowly builds in intensity featuring the group’s well choreographed and sharp dance moves. Though the lyrics do not tell the whole story, it is pretty clear that the song is about a newly found love that has certain obstacles and expressing the agony of being between conflicting emotions. Fast camerawork effectively adds anxiety to the video, while providing both visual beats and showcasing each member’s dance moves. Pondering over and over, the song’s climax is followed by the words “I wish it was only you and I… You and I…” where one of the members Lil’ Fang shows her strong vocal skills to push the song to its emotional peak.

In similar fashion to their other music, the well edited sounds combined with a strong hip-hop style and effective use of English lyrics make the song very unique, and their global perspective is clearly on display to define their music and performance. The excitement and intensity of the music video will surely draw you into FAKY’s distinct world.

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