• Title: Last Call (ラストコール)
  • Artist: flumpool
  • Runtime: 4:52   Language: Japanese
  • Date: March 26, 2017

"Last Call" is the newest single from flumpool. The MV for "Last Call" features actor Shuhei Nomura, who also worked with flumpool eight years previously in the MV for their song "Mitsumeteitai." Nomura currently stars in the film "Sakurada Reset" (サクラダリセット) which opens on March 25th and features "Last Cal" as its main theme song. flumpool's song "Namida Reset," which is on the same single as "Last Call," is set to be the film's ending theme song.

The lyrics of "Last Call" describe a person who is trying to hold on to memories of a past that the rest of the world has forgotten, but who is also looking earnestly to his future for answers. The still city in the MV, in which the man seems to be the only living person, perhaps represents a moment in the stillness of one human mind; in which an individual may experience a sequence of many emotions -- despair, hope, nostalgia, determination -- sometimes without changing their outward countenance in the slightest.

On May 20th and 21st, flumpool will be holding their 8th tour 2017 Beginning Special "Re:image" at the Budokan. flumpool's 8th tour 2017 "Re:image" begins in September 2017 and features stops in various locations in Japan.

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