• Title: Toutoi (とうとい)
  • Artist: flumpool
  • Runtime: 4:55   Language: Japanese
  • Date: January 12, 2018

Toutoi’ by flumpool is a single in the new album of the same name. The song is about how the determination of a girl pursuing her dream gives the narrator courage and serves as a guide in life.

The lyrics depict the narrator’s awe for the protagonist, ‘you’, who steers herself sternly towards realizing her dream. He regards the protagonist’s dream as sacred. Starting off with the statement that the narrator has never seen anything as passionate as ‘your’ feeling towards the dream, and that he just plans to silently watch the process, the lyrics go on to convey the importance of ‘your’ encouragement to him.

The music video adds an aspect of story to the song by depicting the protagonist as an aspired comic artist. The unique idea to slightly animate her comics further reveals the narrator’s respect for her dream. The short clips in between sessions of her drawing process links aspects of personal life to creative practices, showing the importance of acquiring strength from each other in life. In the end, the narrator finds both the protagonist’s dream and her life to be sacred.

The story sheds light on how people can inspire each other during their journey of pursuing their dreams. We, too, could help each other maintain a positive attitude towards life after encountering obstacles.

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