• Fred Cheng

  • Male - Cantonese
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  • Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘)
  • Born on November 10, 1983 (Scorpio) in Vancouver, Canada
  • Launched his singing career after placing second in the TVB New Talent Singing Awards in 2001
  • Winner of the Voice of the Stars competition in 2013
  • Albums: "Story of a Panda", "When A Dog Loves A Cat"
  • Popular Songs: "Panda", "Anonymous"
  • Record Label: Voice Entertainment
  • Awards: IFPI Hong Kong Sales Awards Top Selling Cantonese Album, Best Selling Male Newcomer Album and Top Ten Digital Sales Album
  • Videos
“A single slip may cause lasting sorrow”, a Chinese proverb says. This is especially so when dealing with human...
"Gunfire" is composed by Fred Cheng himself (lyrics written by Sandy Chang 張美賢). Even though Cheng has written...
  • Albums
  • The End of the World (地盡頭)
  • Single  ·  March 6, 2017
  • When Dog Loves A Cat (當狗愛上貓)
  • Album  ·  February 2, 2016
  1. When A Dog Loves A Cat (當狗愛上貓)
  2. Sailing (揚帆)
  3. Did You Forget (忘了嗎)
  4. Gunfire (炮火)
  5. Walk With Love (愛同行)
  6. Nights of Daytime (白天的夜晚)
  7. Post Trauma (創傷後遺症)
  8. Shocked (驚)
  9. Panda (熊貓)
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