• Bio
  • Frederic (フレデリック)
  • 3 members rock band formed in 2009 in Kobe, mainly center on the Mihara twins
  • Members: Vocal and guitar: Kenji Mihara(三原健司), Bass and chorus: Koji Mihara (三原康司), Guitar: Ryuji Akagashira(赤頭隆児)
  • Major debut on September 24, 2014 at a major record label
  • Record label: A-Sketch
  • Song "oddloop (オドループ)" was used as the ending theme song for the OAD "Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo (山田くんと七人の魔女)"
  • Popular songs: oddloop(オドループ), OWARASE NIGHT(オワラセナイト)
  • Albums: OTOTUNE, OWARASE NIGHT, oddloop, Uchu ni Muchu (うちゅうにむちゅう)
  • Awards: Special Recognition Award from MASH FIGHT Vol.1
  • Videos
Following the release of their 2nd single, Frederic comes back with their new mini album, TOGENKYO, to be released on the 18th...
Sadness and Joy is the title track of Frederic’s newest single, which shares the same name. Currently, the song is being...
Frederic is back with their first full album, titled "frederhythm", to be released on 19 October 2016. The lead track...
Frederic's newest single called "ONLY WONDER" is their first single release since their major label debut in...
  • Albums
  • Album  ·  October 18, 2017
  2. Slow Ri Dance (スローリーダンス)
  3. Sadness and Joy (かなしいうれしい)
  4. Tari Nai Eye (たりないeye)
  5. Middo Night Gu Rider (ミッドナイトグライダー)
  6. Parallel Roll (パラレルロール)
  7. Rainy China Girl
  • Sadness and Joy (かなしいうれしい )
  • Single  ·  August 16, 2017
  1. Sadness and Joy (かなしいうれしい )
  2. Sync Lock (シンクロック)
  3. A Mistakenly Found Country (まちがいさがしの国)
  4. Rererepeat (リリリピート) Live
  5. Night Step (ナイトステップ) Live
  • Frederhythm
  • Album  ·  October 19, 2016
  1. Only Wonder (オンリーワンダー)
  2. Rererepeat (リリリピート)
  3. Replica Paprika (レプリカパプリカ)
  5. Service Nervous (サービスナーバス)
  6. Spica no sumika (スピカの住み処)
  7. Basil no utage (バジルの宴)
  8. Night Step (ナイトステップ)
  10. Odoloop (オドループ)
  12. Fushidara Flamingo (ふしだらフラミンゴ)
  13. Ongaku to iu namae no fuku (音楽という名前の服)
  14. Owarase Night (オワラセナイト)
  15. Hello Goodbye (ハローグッバイ)
  • ONLY WONDER(オンリーワンダー)
  • Single  ·  June 15, 2016
  1. ONLY WONDER (オンリーワンダー)
  2. Puroresu Gokko no Hula Hoop (プロレスごっこのフラフープ)
  3. Mitsumeru Mitsuami (みつめるみつあみ)
  4. OWARASE NIGHT (Live Ver.) (オワラセナイト)
  5. Ai no Yuuwaku (Live Ver.) (愛の誘惑)
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