• Title: Rererepeat (リリリピート)
  • Artist: Frederic
  • Runtime: 4:51   Language: Japanese
  • Date: October 16, 2016

Frederic is back with their first full album, titled "frederhythm", to be released on 19 October 2016. The lead track of the album, "Rererepeat", is an upbeat pop number with a catchy tune that features repeating melodies and lyrics.

The song's verses sing about the repeating pains and troubles of everyday life, while the chorus reminds us that good things can be put on repeat too. Frederic tells us to "step out again and again", and that "the love song flowing from the speakers will never stop". Even if we repeat the same things every day so it feels like we're stuck, we should notice that we are actually slowly progressing.

Fitting with the song, the video features repeating scenes, with minor differences between each repeated scene, keeping the viewer eagerly watching to catch the differences each time. The video features female model LaLa, and starts with an iconic scene of her slapping a guy before walking away. This scene is repeated many times in the video, but watch out for the surprising twist near the end.

Frederic will embark on a 2-month mini tour event to promote the new album in CD stores, before starting their full tour in November with 11 stops all around the country.

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