• Title: Sadness and Joy (かなしいうれしい)
  • Artist: Frederic
  • Runtime: 4:55   Language: Japanese
  • Date: August 19, 2017

Sadness and Joy is the title track of Frederic’s newest single, which shares the same name. Currently, the song is being used as the opening theme of the anime series Love and Lies (恋と嘘).

As the title suggests, the song’s lyrics discuss how both polar emotions of sadness and happiness are part and parcel of the human experience, and how, while experiencing a combination of both in daily life, people continue with live believing in a future that they can’t see yet, which ultimately means that people are deceiving themselves, tying into the theme of the affiliated anime as well.

These ideas are also expressed in the music video, where in many scenes, the singers and dancers appear to be doing their own movements without being coordinated, and in other shots, there are multiple duplicates of the band members performing at the same time.This appears emphasizes that both sadness and happiness are individual experiences, experienced at different points in time, such that collectively, each person lives in a disjoint world of their own joys and sorrows.

Frederic will be going on tour with many live events in Japan, with the closest upcoming on the 26th of August, all the way until the concluding event on the 21st of December.

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