• Title: Carnival (The Last Day)
  • Artist: Gain
  • Runtime: 6:03   Language: Korean
  • Date: September 18, 2016

Gain released her most recent EP album, End Again, and a fun, bright music video for the song Carnival (The Last Day). The song incorporates carnival music heard back in the roaring twenties. The style is also influenced by twenties in some ways. With the lyrics, Gain sings of how she wants her lover to forget her, but to keep the good memories of when they were in love.

In the video, we can start to understand that she is telling her lover to forget her because she doesn't want him to be sad that she died. That is why we see her having fun and being happy despite riding the funeral car and at the church where everyone is wearing black. We can also say that this love is her husband because the video switches from the young man to the old man, knowing that Gain had died many years later. We see fireworks in the back as Gain dances freely, showing that she has no worries, enjoying the memories she had with her husband. In the end, she rests at her altar covered in a white, transparent sheet, showing that she has passed away peacefully.

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